Futurama is back!

4 new straight to DVD movies, should be great this was much better than the Simpsons. Early 2007 release has been rumored.
New Futurama DVD's


Fantastic entry oven on Tim’s blog about “The Emergancy Coke” go over and have a read he has no idea who the hell I am but he writes a couple of pages in Games TM from Japan.  Nice style of writing.


New intel imacs

New macs have been announced so far the news is new imacs dual proccessor intel core duo’s damn am I glad I didn’t get one a couple of months ago when they last updated them these one’s are 3 times more powerfull. Now can they still tempt a laptop my way or has my mind been made up…..

Yes they can the powerbook is dead and the macbook pro is alive kicking and 5 times faster, I’m soooo glad I waited same specs as the imac

Job’s World 06

This time tomorrow I should finally know what my new computer shall be as Macworld begins.  Yes it’s that time of the year where Steve Jobs gets to act lke a rock star whilst geek journalists get to whoop and scream like they are at a football game or a bunch of small girls at a Westlife gig.  As always rumours are abound everywhere but what I’m after is a decent lap top or an update to the imac so that it can be used as a DVR.  Judging by the size of my flat and the non-existent appearance of a winning lottery ticket; saving space is a key concern so the desktop may well be ditched for something small and shiny, even though the imac looks really really nice.  Why do I want a mac?  well something that works without a shed load of viruses would be nice and I’m like a magpie I’m attracted to bright and shiny things like milk bottle tops or powermacs.

I shall now hunt for the most ridiculous rumour  I can find, such as the Apple Plasma TV’s with a built in Mac mini.

My games generation

And there you where thinking this was all web nonsense that most people who are reading this more than likely know about, but I thought it high time I shared my views on games, especially as over Christmas I got a shiny X-box. This means I now how have all of the consoles of that particular generation which by default must make me a hardcore gamer even if I’m not very good.

Now the question that arises on the majority of gaming forums is which is best which transcends into a my speccy is better than your C64 debate from 20 years ago in the playground. Actually having the three consoles (four if you want to include the Dreamcast) means I feel I can have a balanced opinion on the current and future state of gaming.

Lets start with the game cube which despite being more powerfull than the PS2 has finshed in last place in everywhere apart from Japan (where that honour goes to Microsofts box of tricks). This is a bloody fantastic console which can be picked up dirt cheap now, now this was the first console I chose to buy and I chose it for one reason only, Nintendo games, you can’t get them anywhere else and they usually fantastic. It’s downfall was that it was percieved as being aimed at a younger audience despite having a series of Resident Evil exclusives, slowly the third party releases have dried up to where we are now where there is only really the next Zelda title to look forward to, looking back it’s greatest game so far has been Metroid Prime.

Then of course there is the PS2 which is the undisputed king of console gaming but to be honest after owning a gamecube I was a bit underwhelmed, but there is a huge back catalouge with the main exclusive titles being Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy. However the Devil May cry series has been well worth a play and my personal favourite has been the underated and soon to be re-released Ico.

The X-Box is the most recent one to appear under my TV and unlike the PS2 has completely blown me away, a little early to say but by far the most powerfull and having dolby digital is a huge plus, a fair share of exclusives I’ll be after such as Halo, project gotham racing, and ninja Gaiden.

So why am I running through these three well the fact of the matter is that the majority of games are published for both the X-box and the PS2 so if you have both consoles you are going to choose the X-box version as it’ll look and sound better. This homogenization of the gaming industry does in fact hark back to the old 8 bit days where games were released everywhere for all formats so where does that leave us with the launch of the 360, well again the same three players are going to be in the race for the next gen but Nintendo have come up with something so different that chances are they are just going to be making their own games for it and no-one else, if the price is right though that will be the one I opt for first. As for the other two, on paper the PS3 should be a winner but it all goes back to console exclusives, if there aren’t any will people opt for the powerfull PS3 or the 360 which is out now, it’s all about the games and people need to start taking risks but with these big budgets who has the balls to do it besides Nintendo.

More inportantly do we even need new consoles yet, the current lot are doing very well as it is, the new Burnout game is amazing and Shadow of the Collossus looks incredible.  It seems the big selling point of these new consoles is the whole HDTV thing but nothing is actually broadcast in HDTV in the UK yet why would you a spend a grand on a new TV when there isn’t anything to be played on it to show off it’s abilities. We could quite easily last another year or two before people are crying out for new hardware and I for one won’t be picking up a 360 till I see one running on a normal TV and see how it looks then.

Techy things you must try out – Del.ico.us & Flickr

A couple more indespensible little things everyone should know about but don’t are Delicious and Flickr.

Flickr is a free web site that you can store all your photos on, pay a small amount and you can upload a hell of a lot more, it’s also has RSS feeds all over the place and you can directly post to a blog, you can even post direct to both Flickr and your blog from your mobile phone which caused much amusement at Christmas as the world can see how drunk you are before you can even realise it yourself. Great site that is now owned by Yahoo I think they have half the web Google have the other half and they both pay microsoft for the privillage.

Del.icio.us (yes that is the web address) is like an on line storage for bookmarks, but works in such a wonderfull way that doesn’t feel like other sites that do the same thing you simply find something you like on the web and hit the tag button on the browser say the catergories you want to file it under and it’s done as with everything else you can search to your hearts content and have feeds for everything so you can keep track of what people are looking at for a specific subject or your friends. It’s not so much your favourites or as has been described by the writer Warren Ellis a short term memory.