Techy things you must try out – & Flickr

A couple more indespensible little things everyone should know about but don’t are Delicious and Flickr.

Flickr is a free web site that you can store all your photos on, pay a small amount and you can upload a hell of a lot more, it’s also has RSS feeds all over the place and you can directly post to a blog, you can even post direct to both Flickr and your blog from your mobile phone which caused much amusement at Christmas as the world can see how drunk you are before you can even realise it yourself. Great site that is now owned by Yahoo I think they have half the web Google have the other half and they both pay microsoft for the privillage. (yes that is the web address) is like an on line storage for bookmarks, but works in such a wonderfull way that doesn’t feel like other sites that do the same thing you simply find something you like on the web and hit the tag button on the browser say the catergories you want to file it under and it’s done as with everything else you can search to your hearts content and have feeds for everything so you can keep track of what people are looking at for a specific subject or your friends. It’s not so much your favourites or as has been described by the writer Warren Ellis a short term memory.


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