Techy Things You must try out – NetVibes and RSS

New year new blog, over here I want to keep track of things that I rummage around on the web and find and think they may be cool or make your life a hell of a lot easier. And what inspired me to this, well I wanted to start by telling the world about Netvibes, but I before I go into that I may as well start at the begining are you reading this with internet explorer STOP YOU FOOLS and go here and download Firefox a browser a hell of a lot safer with much more funtionality.

Right well you may have heard a few things about web2.0 what the hell is that I hear you cry, well damned if I know as although this is a geeky blog about web stuff I am not someone that claims to understand it all, just that it makes my life easier. Web 2.0 as far as I can gather is the personolised internet and most of what I’m going to talk about may be classed as this. For example RSS feeds, if you have Firefox you can access live bookmarks or if not you can use a aggregator to pull them all together or if you like you can download the sage extension for firefox or use netvibes to keep track of all your feeds online.

So what does all that mean then, well a website is constantly changing, take for example a news site, new stories appear all the time and a using RSS you can keep track of new stories from various places all in one place give it a go and it’s all a lot less complicated than it sounds, these RSS thngs are bloody everywhere, I have one for this blog for instance for my favourites for my photos for my email and now I can put them all in one place and view them all together instead of going to 6 different websites all the time on the off chance they may have been updated.

Now you have an idea about feeds and how websites evolve you can make them your own with a fantastic web page called netvibes basically this clever little thing is your own web page that you log into you can write notes in drag feeds to etc etc so everyone goes to logs in and all their stuff is there it’s the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in ages and has completely changed the way I surf


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