Job’s World 06

This time tomorrow I should finally know what my new computer shall be as Macworld begins.  Yes it’s that time of the year where Steve Jobs gets to act lke a rock star whilst geek journalists get to whoop and scream like they are at a football game or a bunch of small girls at a Westlife gig.  As always rumours are abound everywhere but what I’m after is a decent lap top or an update to the imac so that it can be used as a DVR.  Judging by the size of my flat and the non-existent appearance of a winning lottery ticket; saving space is a key concern so the desktop may well be ditched for something small and shiny, even though the imac looks really really nice.  Why do I want a mac?  well something that works without a shed load of viruses would be nice and I’m like a magpie I’m attracted to bright and shiny things like milk bottle tops or powermacs.

I shall now hunt for the most ridiculous rumour  I can find, such as the Apple Plasma TV’s with a built in Mac mini.


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