Techy things you must try out

So what have I been looking at in the wide and wonderfull web, well to start with netvibes

has had a bit of an overhaul with tooltip reading now available as well as ical support and 1gb storage courtesy of Most iportantly it now has a tabbed structure for multiple pages which works like a dream. It's by far the best ajax home page I've tried simple yet flexible. Not to mention a nice in built podcast player. Spongecell is the other clever bit of kit I've come across an online calender that has basically become a replacement for outlook for me, it's ical based so is compatible with a slew of applications including netvibes and even my ipod, well worth a look if you are sick of syncing things too and throw between work and home, and mobile devices.My ipod is definately the other toy that's been keeping me busy (apart from Animal Crossing on the DS) I thought that the whole video thing would be a complete gimmick but it's a nice clear screen and so far I've just used it for watching video podcasts, the whole watching TV shows and films on it doesn't really appeal to me not to mention the lack of official support and programmes to download in the UK. Podcasts of choice have to be 1up TV, Rocketboom, and the hilarious Ask a Ninja.


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