At last a few spare moments to just surf the net and see what I can see. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary today but I realised I haven’t mentioned what is fast becoming the first page I check when logging on (after netvibes).

Digg Is a fantastic resource to find out what’s hot and what’s not on the net. It’s basically a user generated news site which has recently upgraded and has moved into all kinds of news not just techy stuff, celeb stuff, politics stuff, very configurable so you only see what you want too. It seems to be constantly evolving and getting better all the time. The top stories of the week are featured on a weekly video podcast whcih you can subscribe to through itunes or find it here

Like I’ve said you can configure everything once you are logged in, so if all you want to see is celeb news or politics, or stuff on apple than that’s all you have to look at. It’s also very easy to submitt stories yourself and the whole process relies on commenting, so if you digg a story hit the button and it moves up, same goes for comments, if someone is spamming it won’t last 5 minutes as users themselves will just mark the comment down so it can’t be seen.

Nice to go to a site that feels very organic and constantly full of change and new content.

edit – strangely enough as I choose today to do this entry Digg have updated again and now have a sports section, though I hate to post anything in a “soccer” section (It’s football damn it at least according to the rest of the world)


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