New Intel chips Thursday

It’s been widely known that Intel releasing there new desktop core 2 duo chips codenamed conroe but it also looks like they are unveiling the same line (codename Merom) for laptops on the same day. With all these new chips and numbers what the hell does it all mean, well for a start it’s like having two chips rolled into one hence the whole two cores thing. How are core 2 duo better than the current core duo chips? Well in theory it should be more powerfull and not give off as much heat.

In other words that’s why you’ve been seeing Pentium 4 computers going dirt cheap. If you want to future proof yourself a bit hold off buying a new computer for a month or so as the next big thing is just around the corner. Of course another next big thing won’t be far off, even if you don’t need the latest top of the line computer once these new ones are around I imagine all the old ones will be going for rock bottom prices.

Story here


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