Nobody’s Watching

Okay here’s a wierd one the makers of Scrubs have filmed a pilot for a TV show about some guys who hate the current state of sitcoms and feel they could do better, so the WB commision a reality TV show about them, making a sitcom.

Back to reality now and the WB rejected the pilot but NBC picked it up and now it’s getting a huge following on You Tube amd could be a smash hit. It’s kind of a post modern sit-com / reality show / blog. Deserves to get shown check it out, has a real Arrested Development feel to it.
part 1

part 2

part 3


2 thoughts on “Nobody’s Watching

  1. ah you can embed youtube, google video and another one I can’t remember, to do it you need to use the bracket key next to the P button [ then you type in youtube= then paste the url to the youtube video then close brackets

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