Gamecube games that weren’t

With the gamecube only really having about two games left to look forward to and the imminent arrival of wii and PS3 have a look over here for some game cube games that never were, below is a video of Dead Phoenix one that I would love to see Capcom release.


2 thoughts on “Gamecube games that weren’t

  1. Heh yeah seriously. Besides Zelda 64, Mario 64, Smash Bros, and Golden Eye there was pretty much no reason to own the system. Some of these would have been a step in the right direction. If they had only opened up to better 3rd party support, ugh!

  2. Well those are all N64 titles and these are gamecube but I get your point, but you could add Donkey Kong top that list as well. Mind you with Golden eye mario 64 and zelda I had very little time to buy much else. Gamecube can be picked up dirt cheap now abd there are a fair few games worth a go Metroid, zelda, mariokart, resi 4

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