Great site for fans of Gondry and Cunningham

Check out Director-file for the most in depth info on the above two directors links to all the promos and music videos.  A lot of effort has gone into this site but it’s a little hard to navigate at first.  Hopefully they’ll be expanding it to include more directors soon


Three years of the same photo

Here’s a cool little video of a girl who has taken a photo of her self every day for three years, hope she keeps it up, it’s a cool idea although she doesn’t change that much.

Some of the most amazing Sept 11th pictures you might ever see

A photographer, who had worked for an alternative New York picture agency, had been carrying three cameras with him, when he left his home in Manhattan that sparkling Tuesday morning, and started walking south towards the plumes of smoke. He took some pretty amazing (and disturbing) pictures.

These images are haunting not just because of the subject matter but because every photo you see is closer to the photographers final moments. Breathtaking

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Sheena is a parasite

Chris Cunningham has directed a new music video and MTV have already banned it. The Horrors are a new little known Brit band that are tipped to be the next big thing, but then so was Mansun so go figure.

Chris Cunninghame however has a proven track record and is the master of eerie music videos with a CV including Aphex Twin’s Come to Daddy and Window Licker. All is full of Love by Bjork (The only thing that ever shut everybody up at work and had us staring at the monitors for five minutes) and Square pusher, Come on my Selector. Quite frankly I can’t wait for him to make a feature it would shake the hell out of hollywood.