links for 2006-09-30


Official Wii Box Art, Zelda, Redsteel, and More!

IGN Wii has put together a compilation of official Wii box art, as given to us by Nintendo and third party publishers. Nice to get a sneaky peak but chances are whatever we get here in Europe the Japanese one’s will be nicer.

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Pipex secret deal

Those cheeky people at Pipex have been charging me £19.99 for 2.2MPS Broadband.  Checking out there website I thought this was a bit of a rip off, they were offering new customers speeds 6x faster for the same price.

So with my big complaint hat on I phone up and straight away they offer me the deal I was after but for half price!  Well go figure if you have homecall and Pipex chances are you be getting over charged so give them a ring and you could get a better service for less money

Amanda Across America

Well, well, well, Amanda Congdon (she of Rocketboom fame / infamy) is back with what could be a very cool video blogging project.  She’s travelling across the US on a roadtrip and posting blog entries / video / photos, Monday to Saturday, first entry was today so hopefully she sets of soon and gets going.

Check it out here