Goodbye Google hello Netvibes

You type these things on blogs and you have no idea people are really reading, earlier today (1 O’clock) I thought I’d post about the google home page which I switched to after having problems with Netvibes. I did this, as on this Blog I’d been telling people how great Netvibes was and then it just stopped working for me and I didn’t want someone to read it and think I was talking a load of rubbish (which I often am).

Anyway at 2:10 I got a message on the blog post from Francois (sorry can’t find that damn squiggly C on my keyboard) at Netvibes saying if I have a problem drop him an email. Now I did this when there was a problem about a month ago and heard nothing, but that’s okay beacuse it’s now 4:10 and my account is now working.

Lets put this into perspective I get an average of 30 people a day reading my Blog (although the Wierd Al MP3 yesterday attracted over 150). I post a kind of mini rant but in a nice way offering an alternative home page and one of the guys responsible for Netvibes read my post and made a comment. In less than two hours things are back up and working and the problem I’ve been wrestling with is solved.


If anyone else is experiencing problems with netvibes and using Firefox try closing the meebo module, seriously these guys want people to be using their site and they are putting in the effort, let them know you have a problem and they will listen.

Thanks Francois


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