My take on Myspace

Now long have I had the belief that Myspace is, (as my friend Dib has put it and I continue to tell other people)

“What would happen if a baby swollowed a pile of HTML and then vommited”

This has long been my belief that it is a cacophany of noise and colour with the absense of any form of design, not that I am insinuating that this corner of the blogging world is cutting edge but hey at least you can read it. Anyway I felt it time to investigate again seeing as it’s just so damn popular.

Now I don’t know if this is the best first impression you want to give people but when I hit browse, to check out different peoples pages I came to a search box asking me what kind of person I wanted to find, the usual thing age, sex, and then here’s the killer are they

a) Married

b) Single

c) Divorced

d) In a relationship

e) Swinger

Yup you read that right I’ve been on Myspace for five minutes and it’s asking me if I’m looking for a Swinger? What next a Dogging section, filter my search for 18 year olds who like anal sex? This is not what I expected When I did eventually click on some of the people recomended to me I recieved a quite readable page at first with an endless list of crappy blinking pictures with people saying things like “What up how you doin!”.

Basically my first impressions of Mysapce are it’s full of a lot of people that type a lot but don’t really have anything to say, maybe I just don’t get it as I don’t really have any personal friends which use it, but what’s with all the flashing crap everywhere and it’s a nightmare in firefox open a couple of pages in some background tabs and everyones music is blaring at the same time, did nobody here of a play button? One more thing no RSS on the main page, IT’S THE 21st CENTUARY

Okay my internet moan for the day is over but please can someone tell me the appeal of that place.


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