You Tube: The fakers and the voyeurs

A while back some vidoes started appearing on You Tube by someone calling herself lonelygirl15, now these videos were incredibly popular it started as a regular video blog and then bit by bit her back story was revealed and that her parents seemd to be part of some religious cult, it worked as you kind of felt for her as you’d seen the other videos seen her being funny.  Now she was later exposed as an actress but her videos are still very popular and it kind of got me thinking if The Blair With was made today it would be shown on You Tube.  I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but it opens opportunities to film makers to make things in a new and episodic way, people like a slice of fake reality just look at the popularity of Big Brother.

Anyway Youtube continues to intrigue me I started my first blog with the line that Blogs are the new confession booths in an increasingly non-religious society.  You Tube takes that to a whole new level, revealing your face and telling your secrets it’s a brave thing to do and we are becoming more and more voyeuristic watching this but also more and more sceptical.  As someone that makes adverts for TV programmes for a iving I’m constantly told that the audience is changing, at the moment that’s never felt so true.


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