My New Year

Well being that it’s macworld again I’m guessing that this blog has been around in one form or another for a year, and throughout that time I’ve refrained from talking about myself as, well I don’t really have that much to say. I’ve kept this as a home for links and techy stories and it may well continue to stay that way until I start a new blog about my news which is……

I’m going to be a Dad! I found out on New years day and it still doesn’t really feel real yet, I don’t suppose it won’t until Teenie starts getting a bump or we go for the first scan. Well it was planned we just didn’t think we’d be lucky enough for it to happen so quickly, kind of taken us by suprise now that it’s actually happening even though it’s something we’ve been trying for which is weird. Well that’s been my New Year, I’m still a bit stunned, told a few people both sets of parents are over the moon and the wierd thing is just before I become a Dad I’ll become an Uncle so they’ll each have a little play mate. Apparantly this is the chinese year of the pig and the element is fire so we’ll have two little fire pigs crawling around.

Think I’ll be starting up a little Dad’s journal type thing and I’ll post a link here. Expect more boring net stuff later today.


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