New Channel available on the wii

Got a message from Nintendo this morning, there’s a new channel available! It’s called everybody votes and is exactly that, vote on a topic and see the results around the world, much like those surveys on blogs (btw I’m in the UK no news on if this is happening in the US and Japan yet

It’s free from wii shop but you need to do a system update, takes up 168 block

Logo is a hand with an envelope, first you set your region I only had British countries to choose from then register your mii.

Questions so far are

How do you prefer your eggs?

Which do you prefer?

You have some free time. What do you do?

After you do this, it asked you to predict the answer that will get the most votes

Hmm cunning marketing ploy perhaps, but if user generated questions could be submitted then sent to people on your wii list it could be kind of usefull.

edit – Here’s some of the channel if you haven’t downloaded it yet


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