The PS3’s Biggest threat?

Xbox 360? Wii? both are going great and could well keep the PS3 in third place for the next generation console war, but at the moment the biggest reason not to buy a PS3 is the PS2.

Crazy?  Well not really when you consider that God of War 2 has just been reviewed at IGN  and recieved a whopping 9.7, Okami has just hit UK shores and looks stunning, and Final fantasy XII is out soon and has recieved a few game of the yearawards and scored 9.5 at IGN.  At the moment Sony’s biggest competetion could well be itself.  Who wants to spend £425 for a PS3 with basically no decent games apart from Resistance when anyone with a PS2 has plenty to keep them going for a while yet, not to mention they can be picked up new with a couple of games for £95.


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