User-generated Radio

Here’s something I’ve been using for ages and I haven’t mentioned it here. It was only when I told my brother about it and he’s never heard of it I thought it deserved a mention.

Basically user generated radio is where you give an example of some music you like and then it will play you other stuff it thinks you like. You then Decide if you like it or not and gradually it gets more and more attuned to your tastes. You can also have different stations for different mood.

To give you an example I just created a Chick Rock station on Pandora by choosing a number of bands I’m into at the moment that all just happen to have female lead vocals.

The Gossip, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and CSS (Who are just FANTASTIC).  So as well as playing songs by those bands it chose some others for me, some I liked some I didn’t but as it went on there were less songs I didn’t like.

Anyway try it out for yourself the two most well known ones are Pandora and Last FM.  If you are outside the US I’ve found that when Pandora asks you to register and asks for a zip code just type in 12345 and it works.  Another thing I should mention is that these things are completely legal, this is because you can not choose a specific song to listen to and you can not rewind a song.


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