Geriatric 1927 on the BBC tonight

You Tube is HUGE it’s so big don’t be suprised to se it appear in the dictionary at some point.  It’s the most famous of the video blogging or Vlogging there is and if you haven’t heard of you’ve either been sitting under a rock for the last year or a crazy American Senator has tried to ban it in your state.

Either way the biggest star of the moment is geriatric 1927, he’s a pensioner from England that just talks about his life story on Youtube and is getting a huge amount of views one of his more recent posts had over 27,000 views and he just sprung up from no-where.

Well the BBC Money programme is doing a special on Youtube which goes on air tonight at 19:00 on BBC 2, and features a TV interview with Peter and has his views on You Tube etc,  Have a look at he trailer below and expect to see the full ep on Youtube soon, I imagine….


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