Netvibes Wins!

Okay enough with the baby talk and back to what’s happening on the net

Netvibes have had their new Coriander version out for a few days now and with one simple button in my opinion has just wiped the floor with the competition, just as I was drifting over to Google reader every now and then,

If you have a look at the top right of that picture you’ll see a new button, which switches from feed view to website view. This tiny little button will completely change the way you use the net.

The big problem with RSS feeds is that not all of them are great, sometimes you’ll just get a title and then you have to go to the site to see if the story is actually worth reading. Now however, you can switch to a view of the actual website not the feed whilst still being within Netvibes. Try it out and you’ll see what I mean it changes everything and makes the whole web viewing process so much cleaner.

Well done to the team, and keep up the improvements!

link here 


Blokes guide to Pregnancy

Well it’s a week on and I still get the shakes when I see a pram. Got a text last night that my best friends wife’s water has broke. It is officially now raining babies. Everywhere I turn there is someone pregnant and it’s getting more and more frequent that I know the person. I am offically alledgedlly grown up (And so is Dib! Happy Brthday). Well on top of the iminant birth of my friends kid, I’ve read The Blokes guide to Pregnancy and suddenlly it’s dawned on me that

a) At some point a birth is going to happen, it’s going to be scary and painfull and that’s just for me never mind the mum to be!

b) After said birth a baby will appear and I’ll have to look after it.

c) Baby will soon turn into a little person with a personality, hopefully they’ll like me

d) Baby will eventually turn 16 and start having sex with a hairy biker called Geoff, what the hell do I do then! (For the purpose of this post I’m assuming I’m either having a girl or a very camp boy with an affinity to either bikers or men named Geoff).

I have to say the book is cheap, short, a good read and will earn you those ever so valuable brownie points, to Amazon with you! It’s a nice mix of banter and facts, sometimes a little too blokey for my liking and with the amount of times it lurches between blokey blokey football football and give your wife a foot rub, I’m very suspicious of this Jon Smith, he could well be a woman on a crusade to gently get men to treat their wives better. In all seriousness it does a very good job of simply explaining some complicated procedures and jargon, which my wife had no idea about it. (That’s where those brownie points I was telling you about start hitting home).

Scan – 12 weeks

Scan – 12 weeks

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Well this was a few weeks ago but here’s the first scan of the baby! Finally it’s feeling a bit more real.

When we went to the Doctor in January I was expecting all sorts of tests and things to confirm the Pregnancy but he just took our word for it and asked where we want to give birth. So this is the first time an actual medical professional and not a £5 piece of plastic from Boots has confirmed we are actually having a baby and this is what it looks like.

Teenie is now 14 weeks and this weekend was just a baby frenzy. I ended up going to the Baby Show in docklands and I fell into all the new Dad stereotypes and really could not take any of it seriously at all.  I wandered around pointing at Baby’s saying things like “How much for that one” or “Does he come in Blue?”. I also challenged my Brother in-law to a pram race.

We also went with my Sister in-law who was also pregnant and also with some friends who had just had a baby. It was weird seeing baby Andre as he’s only 3 months old but last time we saw him he was tiny, didn’t know what was going on, and slept a lot. Now three months on he couldn’t stop laughing and it’s amazing how quickly they grow! He really has a personality already.

Looking around the show it felt like a bad episode of Dragons Den, some ridiculous contraptions for taking your baby in the shower and some truly terrible terrible T-Shirts for all members of the family.  There were just so many things you are told you must have and I don’t really believe any of it, and how the hell do those pram / car seat / carry things work anyway.   I don’t even have a car but apparrantlly if I don’t have a car seat the baby can’t leave the hospital.

When we finally escaped with nothing but a huge selection of the heaviest baby catalouges known to man we met up with some more friends who you guessed it, were Pregnant but this time with their second baby, Nye their first is about 3 1/2 and so damn smart it’s frightning. I didn’t know they would grow up that quick!  I then phoned my best friend who’;s wife is giving birth in two months and found out another friend is pregnant

I am officially babied out!

Buffy Season 8

Nope you are not reading this wrong, the long awaited Buffy season 8 is happening in comic book form and the first issue hits the shelves March 14th.  The first five issues are written by Joss Whedon with the excellent Brian K Vaughn (of Y The Last man and Ex Machina) following with a 4 issue arc centering on Faith.

Have a look at this interview with Joss that has a bit more info on all things Whedon