Netvibes Wins!

Okay enough with the baby talk and back to what’s happening on the net

Netvibes have had their new Coriander version out for a few days now and with one simple button in my opinion has just wiped the floor with the competition, just as I was drifting over to Google reader every now and then,

If you have a look at the top right of that picture you’ll see a new button, which switches from feed view to website view. This tiny little button will completely change the way you use the net.

The big problem with RSS feeds is that not all of them are great, sometimes you’ll just get a title and then you have to go to the site to see if the story is actually worth reading. Now however, you can switch to a view of the actual website not the feed whilst still being within Netvibes. Try it out and you’ll see what I mean it changes everything and makes the whole web viewing process so much cleaner.

Well done to the team, and keep up the improvements!

link here 


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