BBFC rejects Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2 won’t get a UK release, the BBFC have refused to give it a certificate, just too damn violent, now of course the US can put banned all of the box and sell loads!

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What happened to the guy that stod in fromt of the tanks at Tiananmen Square and how did the massacre effect China.  Have a look below

Third Trimester

Well it’s been a hell of a long while since I’ve been here….  A lot has happened so where to begin.

Well for a start we’ve had the 2nd scan and………….


Big surprise for us as we had convinced ourselves it would be a girl, but it helps us out a lot with the naming which will be Joshua Caiqui (pronounced kai-eekee, it’s a native Brazilian name).  Lot’s of kicking which is amazing as it feels like you are actually playing with him, if you poke the belly, he’ll kick back at the same place.  As of today we are officially in the third Trimester.  We’ve also started to play him some music and he kicks like crazy, so far we’ve played him Moon River (Our first dance), Don’t worry be happy (A song I’m using for work), and some samba.

As well as changes with Joshua we’ve also moved somewhere new with two bedrooms as our old place was tiny, and it’s amazing, our backgarden is right on the Thames with an amazing view, but it takes over an hour on the bus to get to work but it’s worth it.  We’re all unpacked and have just started on the nursery putting the cot together buying the pram, only downside being we are still renting so we can’t decorate completely so we are going for stickers for the nursery.  For some strange reason I’m thinking a jungle theme, a boy should have a monkey.