The whole world goes facebook mental

including Netvibes with a sparkly new application designed to make the facebook addicts of the world’s lives that little bit easier. And here it is.

Now I’ve been on facebook since May and pretty much ignored it for the first few months now EVERYONE has a page I found a friend who’s emigrated to Australia today, and an old workmate who’s now in Amsterdam. It must be the biggest social networking movement for my age group (Late 20’s early 30’s). I guess it’s for people who were up for the idea of Myspace but who’se retinas just couldn’t take the terrible terrible design and music on every bloody page, which is a huge pain in the arse for firefox users like myself who like to use multiple tabs and then just have a huge wall of noise thrust upon them.

Having a module on Netvibes is nice but Facebook still doesn’t allow feeds of your news so be sure to join the group if that’s something you are after.


And back to the babies


My schizophrenic blog lurches back over to all things personal as today is Teenie’s last day at work before starting maternity leave, so it’s all feeling very imminent at the moment.  There’s about 5 weeks to go but there are plenty of babies due around that time popping out already and looking very healthy so really it could be any day, though 5 weeks time would be a bit more ideal.

Becky, her sister who lives just 5 minutes on the bus from us is a few days over due so fingers crossed I’ll be an uncle next week, hopefully a good deal earlier than when I become a Dad.  Last night Joshua (did I mention we have a name…) was kicking like crazy the belly felt paper thin and you could clearly make out a foot when you touched it, he was kicking all over the place so that would be the Brazillian half of him.

Since I’ve last been on here we’ve had a couple of anti-natal classes which have been surprisingly cool,  two male mid-wives have been talking to us both very chilled and funny putting our minds at ease, I’ve also had a baby yoga class, now I’ve done yoga before and really enjoyed it but, this was just a little bit patronising with a couple of very softly spoken touchy feely yoga teachers.

The nurseries done(ish),


but now that Teenie’s off, I believe the nesting starts Monday.  Still feels a long way off (Sep 7th) but I know it’ll fly by, can’t wait to finally meet him.