I’m a Dad and it’s amazing!

Yup last Wednesday little Johua Kai finally emerged and is now home and well as is his Mum.  It’s really an amazing feeling that is half shock and half awe.  It’s been less than a week and you can already see him getting his own little personality and everything just feels right.  I’m sure I have my sister in-law and her husband to thank for that as they now have a 5 week oldand I’ve picked up lots of tips watching them.  It was only yesterday when we were left on our own that it’s finally all sunk in.

The birth itself went well and Teenie was amazing using only Gas and Air and the birthing pool, no screaming but that was because she had the gas tube firmly between her teeth.  After the birth I took him as she got out the pool he fed straight away but Teenie had lost too much blood as I could see in the pool.  I can now never EVER watch Jaws in the same way again.  (A bit like how Fathers who attend a Caesarian start seeing John Hurt everywhere).

She got rushed to the labour ward and was surrounded by Doctors leaving me with Joshua, everyone was amazing and letting me know that it was all just for precaution but it still scared the hell out of me.

After a few days in hospital and blood transfusion later we were all finally home I was more exhausted from all the worry and travelling than now with little Josh here, so the tiredness and napy changing hasn’t been so bad.

Better get going but my words of advice to any Dads to be are, it changes everything but in a good way, and not in a way you can really explain or understand till it happens, and of course it’s going to be amazing!  (oh and saying “over” on a baby monitor ever gets old).

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