Another one on the way

Another Blog post another baby, yup that’s right number two is on the way, April to be precise, though as he / she is repeatedly scaring the crap out of me I’m thinking of going for names like Jason, Damian, and Freddy (not really).

The scariest thing possible has to be getting a call from your wife to tell you to come to the hospital, somethings gone wrong, a few weeks ago that happened, surfice to say without getting into too much detail fior a moment we didn’t know if the baby was going to be okay and it resulted in lots of warnings about the worst from Doctors and an overnight stay in hospital, but after a further scan all is well.

This also happened to be on the only day in my life I’ve worn a suit to work as I was having dinner with the head of the company who had flown out from Paris.   This of course didn’t happen but did result in me wandering the hospital looking amazingly smart and professional, kind of the opposite of the look I have today, (Unshaven, ripped jeans, trainers and a hoody).

Work now is going suprisingly well, everyone is happy, I may get an assistant soon and I’m making some cool stuff which I’ll try to post when it’s done (Late December early January). Oh and it’s looking like I’m going to be directing my first proper commercial, unfortunately it’s through work, so no lovely Director and producers fee. well that’s enough about me for now exept to say I shall endevour to use this place a bit more