New Year, thank goodness

After an amazingly shitty 2009 I whole heartedly welcome 2010.  This shall be my random dumping ground of stuff and thoughts again.  Lets see how long till I get bored, well here’s a list of stuff I really need to do this year, not resolutions more aspirations.

Write a god damn screen play, I’ve been knocking around with the idea but I really need to get my act together.

Take more photos, this used to be my obsession I would walk with my camera take phoptos then spend forever in the dark roon developing.  I’m guessing the move to digital and a not all together great digital camera has halted my love of photography.

Keep my eyes open for a new job, I’m in no rush to leave but a year is long enough doing sports and I do not want to get pigeon holed as a sports producer two years is fine but I want to keep track of what’s out there which at the moment isn’t much.

Learn Avid, I have an edit suite in my office the whole time but I rely too much on the editors, I think it’s just that sports editing is really boring.

Watch more films and less TV series that I’m not really that into

Keep the this damnend blog up to date.

Well we shall see….