Say Cheese

Well I said I wanted to get back into photography and it’s all happened a lot faster than I’d imagined.  My wife felt exactly the same way and after our little compact digital camera getting a little bit worse for wear we’ve taken the plunge and have a shiny new digital SLR.  We went for the Canon 550D which I’m reliably informed has some outstanding video capabilities so it really kills two birds with one stone, I now how have a camera capable of 1o80P with interchangeable lenses and looking online there are some very impressive looking shorts shot with this, so the whole wanting to do some more creative work for myself is starting to fall into place.  Speaking of which next week we set about seeing what the camera can do by making a short for Parallel Lines this is an interesting project that RSA have instigated making a series of six short films all using exactly the same dialogue.  The first five are professionally made and look stunning especially “The Gift”

The sixth is out to the general public.  Ours will be made in a weekend in true guerilla film making style, our actress has decided to drop out at the last moment which would usually be a disaster but we’re not taking this too seriously, we’re making this in a very short period of time and really using it as a way to get back into making things and getting to know the camera.  Hopefully this will spur me on to finish writing THE script that has been at the back of mind for a very long time.  I think I now have the resources and contacts to make this and it will require a budget of some kind which I’ll have to find myself.  Hopefully this will be the start of lots of shoter more creative projects especially as my wife is really getting into writing now and I really need a writer / writing partner, she’s also an amazing producer that gets stuff done.


The Creative Bug

Six months or so later and I’m back again…

Baby number 2 has arrived well and healthy and baby number 1 is very excited gioving him lots of hugs and kisses all the time.  In general this year has been a pretty amazing improvement so far, (those famous last words).

One of the reasons I decided to come back over here is that creative bug has been itching away, and as happens usually with me, once I’ve been working for a while on a channel it becomes a little bit too easy and so now I’m looking for the next challenge both work wise and elsewhere.  Having a two and a half year old and a two month old baby may seem a crazy time to want to start making something or writing something, but now things are kind of under control I really need to get working on something.

My first love has always been photography and it’s one I’ve never actually wanted to do as a career it’s as if I love taking pictures for myself too much to become jaded taking them for others and having to change what I want to do for someone else.  Whatever I work on I usually can no longer enjoy in my own time, sport for example is slowly becoming unwatchable for me in my free time due to working at a sports channel, for a long time I couldn’t really watch panel shows or Top Gear due to working on Dave.  So I think this is why it has made it harder for me to write and film and edit as I do this every day for other people.  That or laziness.

So a new camera is on the cards sooner rather than later and if I go for something like the Canon 550D it could also double for some video work.  I’m thinking more and more of moving away from narrative film making and something a little bit artier (or poncier some might say).  Either way I think it’s time to do something a bit more for me and me alone.