Filming, Filming, Filming

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks, for a start The Parallel Lines project was a bit of a nightmare to film, I’m glad we kept it quite low key and acted in it ourself (well my wife did) and suprised me with how amazing she was but I think we were a little over ambitious especially having to film without a baby sitter and two kids which caused no end of problems, and many failed attempts at shooting.  However eventually we got it all done at least as much as we could, a little rushed and not quite everything we needed which means it may be a little too abstract.

A bit of editing tonight and we’ll see how it goes but overall a very worthwhile endeavour and I’m definitely back in the mood for making some shorts but none of these artificially short deadlines, a case of when the script is ready and we are happy to shoot then we go forward.  I’m lucky enough to now have on board a professional DOP, editor, a composer and some actors that I need to meet so all we need now is a story 🙂

It sounds like all the hard work has been done but just sitting there with a pen and a blank page and trying to create something is the hardest thing of all, I have some ideas, but I think I want to film something simple first before attempting the film that’s been in the back of my mind for the last few years as it’s one I really want to get right and I actually think I’ll need some kind of funding for.

On another filming front I spent yesterday at Brands Hatch directing a promo which was a long and somewhat boring day as it was very repetitive as it involves a lot of effects work and set shots, and of course you don’t want to get a sportsman to act.  Edit next week so hopefully have something to show by the end of the week or the following one, should be quite slick once it’s done, we had a very flashy macro lens and got some very cool eye shots.