The Procrastination Blog – Day 1

It’s very easy to “not” write, I would say that I am very, very good at “not” writing, but sitting down and putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard is the only way you well get better as a writer.  So instead of hiding behind the excuses I have decided to bear my excuses to the world (well Twitter mostly).

Every time I do not write, I will come here and write why?  No matter how big or small, my excuses will be here to guilt me into putting pen to paper, like a British cynical version of Jerry Seinfeld’s – “Don’t break the Chain” calender.  I’m also guessing that this weeks entry will consist of “I really really need to watch the next episode of House of Cards”, but I shall try to resist.

btw – I was going to start this last month but I kept putting it off


3 thoughts on “The Procrastination Blog – Day 1

  1. To lose weight just engouh to fit into my size 6 pants. I had to go buy size 8 and 10. ;0( So today I start my exercise journey so I can get back down to a 6.

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