Adidas #Getready

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update and this is why, the first of four films for Adidas on the pressure of penalty taking.  Lots of fun filming, especially the title sequence.


One thought on “Adidas #Getready

  1. Hi, I’m currently developing an ad campaign for a sports company that produces high end sports equipment and I need help on choosing a slogan and overarching campaign slogan. I am specifically advertising their golf sports. Therefore, for their slogan I was considering the slogan “Prime to preform” or “Light weight high performance.” For the campaign overarching slogan I was considering “fresh from the lab.” I chose that since the company wants to come across as innovative. Do you think these slogans are good, or do u have any recommendations. Also, when u first come across these slogans, how do they make you feel about the product? Thanks for your help.

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