Cool Stuff for April 2014

A catch up post here as it’s been a while, here’s some things that have caught my eye in 2014 so far

Young by The Paper Kites

Using 4,000 images from 350 people this is stunningly simple idea you can’t take your eyes away from

Lookup – British Airways

Fantastic idea for taking digital outdoors and integrating it into the real world.

Icons – Sunday Times

One shot, 50 seconds, 6 iconic moments of popular culture from US and Grey

True Detective Title Sequence – Patrick Claire

A beautiful and haunting title sequence as visually striking as the show itself.  Be sure to check out the article on Art of the Title for details on how it all came together

ANAR – Secret Message

This is absolutely amazing, a fantastic use of outdoor technology for an amazing cause, very smart, very effective

Formula 1 on Sky Sports

Beautifully directed spot for Sky’s coverage of the new F1 season

Unsung Hero

It’s not often an ad for life insurance can make you smile and bring a tear to your eye but have a look at this

Canon – No one sees it like you

If you have any interest in photographer this beautiful spot for Canon will have you wanting to go out and capture the world with your lense

Waitrose – Carrot

A stunningly simple and moving ad by Waitrose, with fantastic use of The Cinematic Orchestra.  This was directed by Tom Tagholm who made the best sports spot of the last few years in Meet The Superhumans for the London Paralympics, certainly a change of pace.