Cool Stuff – World Cup Special

Every four years the world goes football crazy, and brands and broadcasters are no different, here are the best football / world cup videos I’ve been looking at

The Game before The Game – Beats

An epic 5 minute short from Beats about the pre-game ritual, I love the idea of making a football ad full of footballers but not showing any action

BBC World Cup 2014 Promo

Some original work by Red Bee Media that again goes against the testosterone fuelled grain of football promos, demonstrating the wide wide audience this tournament has.

Lucozade – The Heat

An unfortunately accurate portrayal of England’s display at the world cup, nicely done and very on brand.

Nike – The Last Game

With 55,000,000 views on Youtube Nike has commercially and creatively already won the 2014 World Cup, a fantastic campaign, beautiful to watch, well written, and very funny.  Zlatan agrees.

House Match – Adidas

Beckham and Zidane, they’ve still got it

Landon Donavon: Always in the game – EA Sports

I had to include this as up until the US Squad was announced I should have been filming with Landon, but not making the squad changed a few things as the US National team were supplying the talent.  Good to see he took the news well and a good way of EA changing their creative to adapt to the talent.

Tender – Woman’s reaction to England World Cup knockout

And finally a darker side to the World Cup, fantastic performance and powerful message







Cool Stuff for April 2014

A catch up post here as it’s been a while, here’s some things that have caught my eye in 2014 so far

Young by The Paper Kites

Using 4,000 images from 350 people this is stunningly simple idea you can’t take your eyes away from

Lookup – British Airways

Fantastic idea for taking digital outdoors and integrating it into the real world.

Icons – Sunday Times

One shot, 50 seconds, 6 iconic moments of popular culture from US and Grey

True Detective Title Sequence – Patrick Claire

A beautiful and haunting title sequence as visually striking as the show itself.  Be sure to check out the article on Art of the Title for details on how it all came together

ANAR – Secret Message

This is absolutely amazing, a fantastic use of outdoor technology for an amazing cause, very smart, very effective

Formula 1 on Sky Sports

Beautifully directed spot for Sky’s coverage of the new F1 season

Unsung Hero

It’s not often an ad for life insurance can make you smile and bring a tear to your eye but have a look at this

Canon – No one sees it like you

If you have any interest in photographer this beautiful spot for Canon will have you wanting to go out and capture the world with your lense

Waitrose – Carrot

A stunningly simple and moving ad by Waitrose, with fantastic use of The Cinematic Orchestra.  This was directed by Tom Tagholm who made the best sports spot of the last few years in Meet The Superhumans for the London Paralympics, certainly a change of pace.

Cool stuff for October 2013

It’s been one of the most hectic months I’ve ever had so a short one for now I’m afraid.

Radium Showreel

Sound is one of the most overlooked areas of filmmaking, and also one of the most important as evident in the latest reel by the fantastic team at Radium


Stunning animated short,this is a great example of a short powerful script with a fantastic visual treatment


Great example of projection maping


Another animation,and a very distinct style, besure tocheckout Guillaume Dousse’s website

Cool stuff for September 2013

Things are finally getting back to normal, the shoot is over, the edit nearly done, so here’s a few things that I’ve been watching that have impressed me

12 O’Clock Boys Trailer

Stunning trailer, fantastic use of sound, can’t wait to check this one out

Everybody Street

Another trailer, another documentary and as a lover of photography, another I’ll have to see

IBC Trailer

Beautifully shot and edited

Yahoo! 30 days of change

Interesting take on a rebrand and the power of a font, full article at Creative Review here

ITV Where Drama Lives 2013

A stunning walk through of ITV’s drama output, taking real ownership of each series.

G-Star presents Raw 2013

Cool Stuff for the week ending 21/07

It’s been a few weeks due to moving and a lack of internet so here’s some of the things I’ve been looking at and liking.

Best of the Web 5

A whole mashup of all that is cool and slow mo, and actiony, and very well edited

Travis – Moving

Very interesting music video using breath

Luna Corona

I was describing this in a meeting last week at a media agency and we both came to same conclusion, this must have been an insane pitch and an awesome marketing client.

The Art of Logo Design

Great little documentary about logo design

Ólafur Arnalds – Ljósið

Beautiful music video for Ólafur Arnalds

About Pogo

A short doc about DJ Pogo, who’s remix of films you may well have seen.

Cool stuff for the week ending 21/06

It’s been almost two weeks so here’s a few, next week expect a Cannes Lions special.

Good Books – Metamorphosis

A fantastic Hunter S Thompson inspired animation

Where Things Come From

Just love the whole message of this one

Beyond: Two Souls

Trailer for the game starring Willem Defoe and Ellen Page, story telling in games takes another leap with David Cage

Facebook 1914

A great way of using social media and today’s technology to get people interested in the past

Lou Marco- Don’t Care

Cats in Tanks

Great idea for a showreel from a post house

Postmodern Jukebox

The wonderful sounds of Postmodern Jukebox, also loving their Daft Punk – Get Lucky cover