Cool Stuff for April 2014

A catch up post here as it’s been a while, here’s some things that have caught my eye in 2014 so far

Young by The Paper Kites

Using 4,000 images from 350 people this is stunningly simple idea you can’t take your eyes away from

Lookup – British Airways

Fantastic idea for taking digital outdoors and integrating it into the real world.

Icons – Sunday Times

One shot, 50 seconds, 6 iconic moments of popular culture from US and Grey

True Detective Title Sequence – Patrick Claire

A beautiful and haunting title sequence as visually striking as the show itself.  Be sure to check out the article on Art of the Title for details on how it all came together

ANAR – Secret Message

This is absolutely amazing, a fantastic use of outdoor technology for an amazing cause, very smart, very effective

Formula 1 on Sky Sports

Beautifully directed spot for Sky’s coverage of the new F1 season

Unsung Hero

It’s not often an ad for life insurance can make you smile and bring a tear to your eye but have a look at this

Canon – No one sees it like you

If you have any interest in photographer this beautiful spot for Canon will have you wanting to go out and capture the world with your lense

Waitrose – Carrot

A stunningly simple and moving ad by Waitrose, with fantastic use of The Cinematic Orchestra.  This was directed by Tom Tagholm who made the best sports spot of the last few years in Meet The Superhumans for the London Paralympics, certainly a change of pace.


Cool stuff for September 2013

Things are finally getting back to normal, the shoot is over, the edit nearly done, so here’s a few things that I’ve been watching that have impressed me

12 O’Clock Boys Trailer

Stunning trailer, fantastic use of sound, can’t wait to check this one out

Everybody Street

Another trailer, another documentary and as a lover of photography, another I’ll have to see

IBC Trailer

Beautifully shot and edited

Yahoo! 30 days of change

Interesting take on a rebrand and the power of a font, full article at Creative Review here

ITV Where Drama Lives 2013

A stunning walk through of ITV’s drama output, taking real ownership of each series.

G-Star presents Raw 2013

Cool Stuff for the week ending 21/07

It’s been a few weeks due to moving and a lack of internet so here’s some of the things I’ve been looking at and liking.

Best of the Web 5

A whole mashup of all that is cool and slow mo, and actiony, and very well edited

Travis – Moving

Very interesting music video using breath

Luna Corona

I was describing this in a meeting last week at a media agency and we both came to same conclusion, this must have been an insane pitch and an awesome marketing client.

The Art of Logo Design

Great little documentary about logo design

Ólafur Arnalds – Ljósið

Beautiful music video for Ólafur Arnalds

About Pogo

A short doc about DJ Pogo, who’s remix of films you may well have seen.

Cool Stuff for the week ending 09/06/13

Better late than never, here’s what I’ve been looking at for the last week

Kittens on the Beat

Angry angry kittens.

Irritable Bowl syndrome

A fantastic use of infographics to show the links between US Football and Communism

Everyday Choices for NSPCC

Powerful piece, wonderfully shot.  Head over to Vimeo to view it in full

Dumb Ways to Die

A fantastic safety ad, that is rumoured to be on course to clean up at Cannes and D&AD


Things Come apart by Todd McLellan

Check out more of his work on The Guardian and his book is now out

Cool stuff for the week ending 02/06/13

China Central TV – Ink

MTV – La Escalera

Professor Kliq – Plastic and FlashingLights

One Man – Short Film written by Tony Pipes, directed by Matt Rhodes

Comfort Food – Web Series (6 episodes)

I managed to go the screening of this and I’d highly recomend checking out this romantic web series when it’s released. 6 episodes,here’s the trailer

First Direct – Platypus

Filming, Filming, Filming

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks, for a start The Parallel Lines project was a bit of a nightmare to film, I’m glad we kept it quite low key and acted in it ourself (well my wife did) and suprised me with how amazing she was but I think we were a little over ambitious especially having to film without a baby sitter and two kids which caused no end of problems, and many failed attempts at shooting.  However eventually we got it all done at least as much as we could, a little rushed and not quite everything we needed which means it may be a little too abstract.

A bit of editing tonight and we’ll see how it goes but overall a very worthwhile endeavour and I’m definitely back in the mood for making some shorts but none of these artificially short deadlines, a case of when the script is ready and we are happy to shoot then we go forward.  I’m lucky enough to now have on board a professional DOP, editor, a composer and some actors that I need to meet so all we need now is a story 🙂

It sounds like all the hard work has been done but just sitting there with a pen and a blank page and trying to create something is the hardest thing of all, I have some ideas, but I think I want to film something simple first before attempting the film that’s been in the back of my mind for the last few years as it’s one I really want to get right and I actually think I’ll need some kind of funding for.

On another filming front I spent yesterday at Brands Hatch directing a promo which was a long and somewhat boring day as it was very repetitive as it involves a lot of effects work and set shots, and of course you don’t want to get a sportsman to act.  Edit next week so hopefully have something to show by the end of the week or the following one, should be quite slick once it’s done, we had a very flashy macro lens and got some very cool eye shots.

The Creative Bug

Six months or so later and I’m back again…

Baby number 2 has arrived well and healthy and baby number 1 is very excited gioving him lots of hugs and kisses all the time.  In general this year has been a pretty amazing improvement so far, (those famous last words).

One of the reasons I decided to come back over here is that creative bug has been itching away, and as happens usually with me, once I’ve been working for a while on a channel it becomes a little bit too easy and so now I’m looking for the next challenge both work wise and elsewhere.  Having a two and a half year old and a two month old baby may seem a crazy time to want to start making something or writing something, but now things are kind of under control I really need to get working on something.

My first love has always been photography and it’s one I’ve never actually wanted to do as a career it’s as if I love taking pictures for myself too much to become jaded taking them for others and having to change what I want to do for someone else.  Whatever I work on I usually can no longer enjoy in my own time, sport for example is slowly becoming unwatchable for me in my free time due to working at a sports channel, for a long time I couldn’t really watch panel shows or Top Gear due to working on Dave.  So I think this is why it has made it harder for me to write and film and edit as I do this every day for other people.  That or laziness.

So a new camera is on the cards sooner rather than later and if I go for something like the Canon 550D it could also double for some video work.  I’m thinking more and more of moving away from narrative film making and something a little bit artier (or poncier some might say).  Either way I think it’s time to do something a bit more for me and me alone.