The times they are a changing

Wow I had no idea it has been over a year since my last post, that’s shocking!

Well here I am and to get things up and running I thought I’d talk a little more about the net in the last year as that’s how long it seems I’ve been away, it’s only a few posts back that I was posting about how Facebook is the next big thing, and now everone has gone mental about Twitter! These things seem very cyclicle as with Politics the people like change, they embrace it, they feel that the next big thing, or idea, or politician, or gadget has to be better than the last. They feel that change means progress when it’s not entirely true (As anyone who saw the second series of Heroes will agree with).

Change can be good and galvanising, just look at Obama, but lets face it he doesn’t have a lot to live up to, to surpass the last guy. In British politics things don’t seem as clear cut, change seems inevitable but is it for the best, is it for the right reasons, or is it beacuse the new guy has to be better than the old guy because he’s new?

Talking of change I have also changed jobs since I was last here, was this a good change or not? Well things are never really that simple are they, in lots of ways this was a good change, more money, more responsibility, more free time as it’s closer to home, but what sometimes also feels like more work, less variety in what I do, smaller budgets but no-one else telling me how to spend them, less time working around other people that share my interests and views. All in all it’s a good change but I miss the people I worked with more than anything else.